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The source of the content My Focus = Psychology + Innovation.

The video main idea is the behavior change.
Behavior has the trigger. Like the email, warning light on the run out of the gas, text message or a sound.
And others are ability and motivation.

Fogg Behavior model/Equation: Motivation, Ability and Trigger. B=MAT.

Example in the video is the App for help people lose their weight and more healthier.

We already trigger they to use our product, but imaging our user in the left-bottom area.
First thing is make your product easy to do.

Assume we have a solution could help people for track their food every day.
Number one target is the already in the right-top corner market, we just need trigger and will happen.
Number two is the people in the left-top area, they have motivate but is hard to do. So we create a solution for these is to make it easier.
And number three is the right-bottom corner, but i will forget these people, and do not wast you time to the people in the left-bottom people.

Look at the creations in your products, are you helping people step by step do what they already want to do.

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